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Private Broker

For customers who require the highest level of security and control, Sundeck offers a Private edition of our Query Broker technology, which can be deployed and managed within your own infrastructure.

When using the Private Broker, the query and results paths between client applications and Snowflake remain entirely within the customer’s network. Sundeck’s SaaS control plane provides Broker rules configuration, which is fetched by the Private Broker on startup, and on an ongoing periodic basis; no inbound routes from Sundeck’s SaaS are required.

Sundeck’s Private Broker is provided as a Docker image, and can be deployed within your own infrastructure using the Docker hosting or orchestration solution of your choice. Many customers will begin by running the Sundeck Broker in Docker on a standalone ec2 instance, and then move to some form of container orchestration (Kubernetes, EKS, ECS, OpenShift, etc) for their production solution.

Please reach out to for information on obtaining the private broker Docker image.

For configuration details on setting up Private Broker, please see the Private Broker Setup documentation in the Reference section.