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Sundeck allows you to modify queries that are submitted to Snowflake. Sundeck emulates Snowflake and is accessible from most tools by simply changing the host the tool is connecting to.

To use Sundeck to modify queries, you define a set of rules held within your Sundeck Broker. A Broker contains a list of Hooks and Routines that are executed. Your Sundeck Broker provides a unique hostname that will be used by your SQL tools replacing the connection hostname for Snowflake.

Your Sundeck Broker can be used just like Snowflake accounts. Anyone who has access to a Snowflake account can also utilize any existing Broker attached to that Snowflake account. In the simplest case, Sundeck just forwards operations down to Snowflake to execute.

In addition to simple forwarding, one or more Hooks or Routines can be added to a Broker definition. Hooks or routines can be configured to fire either before the query is submitted to Snowflake (which are called pre-hooks), or after the query has executed (called post-hooks). Pre-hooks allow you to change the behavior of the query, and post-hooks allow you to conditionally perform follow-on tasks after query execution. You can add a number of Hooks to a Sundeck Broker and each Hook defines a set of conditions which determine whether it should be executed on a particular query.

To get started, take a look at Hooks to understand more about what types of operations can be done.