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The Native App from Sundeck is a free Snowflake Native App which provides a suite of tools to better understand, manage, and alert on Snowflake activity and spend. It’s available for install from the Snowflake App Marketplace.

We developed the Sundeck Native App using Snowflake’s latest Native App technology, and made it free to use, and open to the community to improve and enhance. It runs entirely within your Snowflake account, and gives you some really great benefits right out of the gate:

  • Workload Analytics - Understand and manage Snowflake workload with detailed query reporting and alerts.
  • Query Monitoring - Use Probes to monitor Snowflake queries based on certain parameters (runtime, cost), and send alerts or cancel queries if they exceed preset thresholds
  • Custom Query Labeling - Use Labels to collect specific types of queries together, to extend the built-in Workload Analytics reporting for better understanding.
  • Warehouse Scheduling - Define recurring schedules for each warehouse that adjust the warehouse size and other configuration.

Follow these simple steps to start taking advantage of the Sundeck Native App today:

    And if you like, check out the code on GitHub!