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Complete Setup

When the Sundeck Native App is launched for the first time, a Snowflake privileges authorization dialog will appear, asking permission to grant a handful of account-level privileges to the Sundeck Native App:

Home Page

Click on “Grant Privileges” to continue.

With the required privileges granted, you will be returned to the the Sundeck Native App Home page. Click the “Refresh Status” button to confirm that the grants have been applied successfully:

Home Page

The initial materialization of reporting data is processed in the background, and could take a while (upwards of 1 hour in some cases).

Once materialization is complete, the Home page will display the Warehouse Utilization Heatmap, and the Sundeck Native App reporting is ready to use:

Home Page

Continue to the next step to start using the Sundeck Native App!

Snowflake automatically measures and adjusts the compute resources assigned to the reporting materialization task, and may re-start it during this calibration step.

In the rare case that the “Please wait for materialization to complete …” message still appears after 90+ minutes, you may wish to refer to the FAQ section for more information.