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Enabling Notifications

To enable OpsCenter Probes to send notifications by email or slack you will need OpsCenter and Sundeck accounts to be connected.
If you don’t already have a Sundeck account there are two options: create Sundeck account directly from the Opscenter by following steps in tab “Option 1: Signup with Snowflake SSO” or create one by following the Sundeck Quickstart. Both options are free.

After enabling notifications, you will want to create a Probe Notification Policy. See Creating a Probe Notification Policy for more information.

Steps to create Sundeck account from the OpsCenter and enable notifications

Nagivate to the OpsCenter “Settings” page under the “Initial Setup” tab. This is “Option 1: Signup with Snowflake SSO”

Step 1: Click on “Enable Sundeck API Integration”

API integration pop up window will appear, click Allow and revisit same page for next step:

Home Page

Step 2: Follow instructions in step 2, copy/paste SQL in your favorite editor.

Upon successful execution, you will recieve login URL for your newly created Sundeck account. Here is what output looks like in Snowsight:

Home Page

Now you can always get to your Sundeck account from OpsCenter’s “Home” page by clicking on “Go to my Sundeck account”:

Home Page

Enjoy configuring probes with email and slack notifications and take advantage of Sundeck broker features!

Steps to connect existing Sundeck account to the OpsCenter

Nagivate to the OpsCenter “Settings” page under the “Initial Setup” tab. This is “Option 2: Signup with email”

Step 1: Start by logging into your Sundeck account.

Step 2: Create a Sundeck Token

To create a token for use in OpsCenter, navigate to the “Account Settings” menu by clicking your username in the upper-right corner of the Sundeck Web UI:

Home Page

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page to the “Tokens” section, and click “Create Token"to create a new token. In the New Token dialog that appears, give this new token a name (such as “OpsCenter”), then click “Generate Token”:

Home Page

The token will be displayed, along with a “Copy to clipboard” button. Copy the token to the clipboard.

Home Page

Step 3: Provide the token to OpsCenter

From the OpsCenter Settings Page, choose “Initial Setup” tab:

Home Page

Paste the token into the Sundeck Token field, and click the “Enable Notifications” button:

Home Page

Snowflake will ask you to confirm that it’s OK to create an API integration. Click “Allow”.

Home Page

You’ve now connected OpsCenter to Sundeck, and have enabled notifications from OpsCenter Probes!

Step 4 (optional): enable Snowflake SSO for this account

If you would like to enable Snowflake SSO for this account, please follow the steps for SUNDECK$ENABLE_SNOWFLAKE_SSO.