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Frequently Asked Questions


How long do I wait at Snowflake marketplace?

When installing OpsCenter from the Snowflake Marketplace it’s important to wait at the OpsCenter Marketplace listing until you get confirmation that the application has been installed. This typically takes 2-5 minutes. If you navigate away the native app may fail the install.

What do I do if I see a greyed out ‘Open’ button at the OpsCenter listing?

This is indicative of having navigated away during the install process. You can no longer ‘Install’ but can’t ‘Open’ either. See the next question for a resolution.

What happens if I navigate away while waiting for the app to install?

You will have to uninstall and reinstall the OpsCenter app. You can do this by going to ‘Apps’ and at the far right of the row for OpsCenter there is a ... button. Click on this to bring up a menu of options, and select “Uninstall”. You can then go back to the OpsCenter Marketplace listing listing to reinstall the app. Be sure to remain on the Marketplace Listing page until you receive a confirmation email from Snowflake.

First Run

Why is OpsCenter hanging at the ‘Please wait…’ screen?

The first launch of OpsCenter will take longer than subsequent launches of the app, and will display a blank screen with a “Please Wait …” banner at the top. This will persist from between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

If you have waited more than 2 minutes to see the ‘Welcome To Sundeck OpsCenter’ page, then the App may have failed to run. In the ‘Activity’ screen in Snowsight look for the EXECUTE STREAMLIT ... query. If this query is not in the ‘Running’ state then try to re-start the app by going back to the ‘Apps’ pane in Snowsight and starting OpsCenter again. Note that OpsCenter (and the associated EXECUTE STREAMLIT ... query) will stop running if the OpsCenter application is not in focus in the browser.

Some Snowflake customers are using PrivateLink or have otherwise set restrictive network or firewall policies which only allow requests from specific domains or IP address ranges to be made from the Snowflake UI. If you are using such a policy, you will need to ensure that requests to * are allowed, otherwise the “Please Wait …” message will be shown forever.

Why do the queries from ‘Grant Snowflake Privileges’ step fail?

Ensure you are running the queries with the correct role (usually ACCOUNTADMIN). The supplied SQL script grants permissions to the OpsCenter app to create tables and perform actions, and require elevated permissions to do so.

Why can’t I submit the form when I sign up for a Sundeck account to enable Notifications?

Ensure you ‘right click’ and ‘Open link in new tab’ rather than just click on the link. This is a known Streamlit issue that should be fixed by mid-July 2023. If you open the link in a new tab in a new tab, you will be able to sign up for a free Sundeck account, and create the requested token for OpsCenter.

Can I collaborate with teammates in my Sundeck account ?

Yes, you can share your Sundeck account URL with your team. Any Snowflake user in your account can use the Sundeck flows you have created. To give other users access to the Sundeck UI, please see the section on collaboration.

First Reports

Why are all the reporting pages stuck on waiting for data?

The OpsCenter native app uses a background task to materialize the data used for reports. This is done as a Serverless Task and may take some time to complete depending on the size of query history. The following steps are useful to troubleshoot:

  1. Look at ‘Activity’ -> ‘Task History’. The QUERY_HISTORY_MAINTENANCE and WAREHOUSE_HISTORY_MAINTENANCE tasks should show their last completed state. If failed go to next step, if running then please be patient while the job completes.
  2. Run the following in a Snowsight sql worksheet:
    select *
     from table(information_schema.TASK_HISTORY())
     where database_name='OPSCENTER'
    And look for the failed task. If the task failed in approximately 1h then it’s likely the task timed-out. Otherwise, the error may be more substantial and we recommend joining the Sundeck Community slack. Posting the error message/code and some further details.
  3. In the case of a timeout the serverless task will run again with a larger warehouse. This will likely be all that is required. Otherwise you can increase the timeout by running the following in a Snowsight sql worksheet:
     call opscenter.admin.run_as_app('BEGIN
       alter task opscenter.tasks.query_history_maintenance suspend;
       alter task opscenter.tasks.query_history_maintenance set USER_TASK_TIMEOUT_MS = 7200000 USER_TASK_MANAGED_INITIAL_WAREHOUSE_SIZE = \'LARGE\';
       alter task opscenter.tasks.query_history_maintenance resume;