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Provides the ability to check for the existence of specific sources, keys and values from in QTAG-formatted comments. The source, key, and value to be searched are passed as parameters to the qtag function, and if the key is found within a qtag comment for the specified qtag source, and the value of that key matches the value passed, then the function returns TRUE. All other cases return FALSE.


QTAG(<source>, <key>, <value>) RETURNS BOOLEAN


The identifer of the publisher of the QTag comment (per the list below of pre-defined QTag sources); if the <source> string does not match one of these pre-defined strings, then the value passed is used to string-match the first portion of the QTag comment (between the initial -- and the first { which denotes the beginning of the JSON object.
The object key we want to search for within the QTag comment object
Assuming the <key> is found within a QTag comment for the specified <source>, this is the value we expect to find for that key (which will result in this qtag() call returning TRUE

Usage Notes

This function is available for use in Sundeck pre- and post-hook conditions.


QTag CommentFunction CallReturns
-- { "app":"sundeck", "job": "my_job" }QTAG('sundeck', 'job', 'my_job')TRUE
-- { "app":"sundeck", "job": "my_job" }QTAG('sundeck', 'job', 'other_job')FALSE
-- { "app":"sundeck", "job": "my_job" }QTAG('sundeck', 'other_key', 'other_value')FALSE
-- { "app":"sundeck", "job": "my_job" }QTAG('other_source', 'job', 'my_job')FALSE

Pre-defined QTag Sources

The following are the pre-defined QTag source identifiers which are recognized by the qtag() function:

  • dbt
  • hex
  • mode
  • sigma
  • sundeck

JSON comments written by these tools have a vendor-specific format, and QTag recognizes and decodes these. Note that additional vendor-specific formats are being added continuously by the community, so check back often!