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Sundeck CATALOG.QUERY_MONITORS view stores information about Query Monitors that were created by the user and Query Monitors that were preconfigured by the system.

Column NameData TypeDescription
NAMETEXTQuery monitor name
CONDITIONTEXTQuery monitor condition
NOTIFY_WRITERBOOLEANIf set to true, query monitor author will be notified on the outcome of the operation
NOTIFY_WRITER_METHODTEXTMethod with which author will be notified: email, slack, etc.
NOTIFY_OTHERTEXTList of others who will be notified
NOTIFY_OTHER_METHODTEXTMethod with which others will be notified: email, slack, etc.
CANCELBOOLEANIf set to True, query will be cancelled
ENABLEDBOOLEANNot currently in use
PROBE_MODIFIED_ATTIMESTAMP_NTZTime that the query monitor was updated
PROBE_CREATED_ATTIMESTAMP_NTZTime that the query monitor was created

Here is an example:

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