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Sundeck CATALOG.ROUTINES view stores information about routines.

Column NameData TypeDescription
NAMETEXTRoutine name
NAMESPACETEXTNamespace to which routine belongs to
REF_COUNTTEXTNumber of references (from broker and other routines) to this routine
CREATED_ATTEXTTime this routine was created at
LAST_MODIFIED_ATTEXTLast time routine was modified at.
DDLTEXTDDL to create this routine
COMMENTTEXTComments text

Example:>select name,ref_count from routines;
| NAME               | REF_COUNT |
| Optimal Route      | 1         |
| Reject Bad Queries | 0         |
2 Row(s) produced. Time Elapsed: 9.536s>