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Microsoft Excel (via ODBC)


Configuring Excel to connect with a Flow address on Sundeck involves downloading Snowflake’s ODBC driver, creating a new ODBC Data Source (DSN) entry, and then querying this Data Source via the “Get Data” features in Excel.


You’ll need the following before setting up a connection:

  • Administrator access for your machine, which is required to install the Snowflake ODBC driver.
  • Your Snowflake account locator, region, and authentication credentials
  • Microsoft Excel
  • A configured Flow in Sundeck.

Step-by-Step Configuration

  1. Install the Snowflake ODBC Driver. The driver can be downloaded directly from Snowflake, at this page.

    Be sure to download either version 2.25.10 or 2.25.12 (version 2.25.11 has an issue preventing it from working properly).

  2. After downloading the driver, run the installer (with elevated Administrator privileges) and follow the instructions to install the ODBC driver.

  3. Add Snowflake as ODBC Data Source (as either a “System DSN” or “User DSN”)

Search for “ODBC Data Sources” in the Windows search bar near the Start button, and launch the “Data Source Administrator (64-bit)” application.

Click “Add” to add a new Data Source. A list of available ODBC drivers will be shown.

Chose “SnowflakeDSIIDriver” and press “Finish” button.

An the following dialog, fill in at least the following 3 properties:

Data Source - this is the name of the connection that will be used later in applications using ODBC connection.

User - the user name which you use to log in to your Snowflake instance.

Server - a configured Sundeck Flow address. We will copy this from the Sundeck UI in the next step.

Log into the Sundeck Web UI, and navigate to the Flows page (using the left-hand menu):

Copy the address of the Sundeck flow to which you wish to connect. This can be done easily by using the “Copy to Clipboard” button next to the desired Flow Address:

Return to the ODBC Data Source setup dialog, and paste the Sundeck Flow Address into the “Server:” field:

Note that in dhe ODBC configuration dialog, the database, schema, warehouse and role are optional fields. Provide your Snowflake password, so that we can test the ODBC connection before saving. Click the “Test…” button to confirm your settings. You should see the following:

Click “OK” on the test results dialog, and then “OK” again on the ODBC configuration dialog to save your settings.

Loading data from Excel:

Open Excel and create a New workbook. To connect to Snowflake via Sundeck, click the “Data” tab > Get Data > From Other Sources > From ODBC.

On the “From ODBC” dialog which appears, select the the ODBC Connection that you just created:

Then, click the disclosure triangle next to “Advanced Options” and enter a SQL query to define the data you wish to bring back from Snowflake:

Click “OK” and you will be prompted to enter your Snowflake credentials:

Enter your username and password, and click “Connect”. Excel will connect to Snowflake via Sundeck, execute your query, and return a preview of the results:

Click “Load” to bring the data into Excel:

That’s it! You’re now ready to start using Sundeck to enhance your Excel experience on Snowflake!