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Configuring Hex to connect with a Flow address on Sundeck involves creating a new Connection (or modifying an existing Connection) in the Hex “Data Sources” tab.


You’ll need the following before setting up a connection:

  • Hex account
  • A configured Flow in Sundeck. We’ll need the Flow Address to enter into the Hex connection dialog.
  • Snowflake Account Locator, desired default Warehouse, and Role to connect with
  • Authentication credentials for Snowflake.

Step-by-Step Configuration

When you first login to Hex, choose “Settings Menu”. There are two ways to get to it. Either from Projects drop down or from Settings on the left side bar. Both of them will bring you to the same place.

Once you are on the Settings page, click on a tab with “Data sources” on the left side bar. In the right corner, choose the “+Connection” button in green.

After you’ve selected the “+Connection” button, you will be presented with a choice of products to connect to. Choose Snowflake as shown below:

You will see a dialog box with connection parameters you will need to fill in.

Name the connection:

Log into the Sundeck Web UI, and navigate to the Flows page (using the left-hand menu):

Copy the address of the Sundeck flow to which you wish to connect. This can be done easily by using the “Copy to Clipboard” button next to the desired Flow Address:

Paste this address into the Hex “Account Name” field and turn “Proxy” check box “on”:

Also enter your desired compute warehouse to use for this connection, username and password, and role to connect as:

Click “Create connection” at the bottom right of the page:

The connection will be created, and the Connection will appear on the list of “Data Sources”

To test the connection by clicking on “New project” in the top right corner:

Click on “SQL Cell”:

Chose “connection_to_sundeck” in the “Source” drop down and execute the query SHOW SUNDECK FLOWS;:

You can also run simple select query to validate that everything works as expected:

That’s it! You’re now ready to start using Sundeck to enhance your Hex experience on Snowflake!